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Serving Springville and Martelle since 1878.

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COVID-19 Public Notice

Home COVID-19

At The Exchange State Bank, the safety of our clients and employees is a top priority for us so we are actively monitoring coronavirus updates and are working in concert with local health officials. 

Social Distancing:

Health experts are strongly advocating for social distancing. To protect you and our employees, we have set up social distancing signs and floor stickers to ensure we are keeping to social distancing guidelines. Please be sure to follow instructions as you enter and leave your location.

Rest assured, the safety of our staff and customers will remain our top priority.

Here’s what we are doing:

  • We are continuously receiving and reviewing updates on the coronavirus from state health departments, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO).
  • We are providing regular communications to our employees to keep them informed and ensure they have the resources they need to remain healthy while also serving the needs of our customers.
  • We are working with each of our critical vendor partners to ensure they have a comprehensive business continuity plan designed to ensure ongoing, reliable service.
  • We have stepped up cleaning efforts and are working to secure additional wipes/cleaning supplies so that staff have supplies necessary to wipe down work areas and keep them clean.
  • We have made hand sanitizer available in all offices and lobby areas for use by customers and employees alike.
  • We are asking staff that if they, or an immediate household member, receives direct notice from the CDC regarding exposure, to contact HR as soon as possible so that we may take any precautions needed.
  • We have disaster recovery plans in place for these situations and we are following the procedures. Critical systems and staff that are essential to our day-to-day operations are setup to operate remotely and securely in the event that our office is closed.

Here’s what you can do:

  • If you are sick or are limiting your social contact, please visit our drive up or take advantage of one our other convenient banking options, including 24-hour ATM, Online Banking, Mobile Banking. 
  • For help with any of these, or to speak to someone about your banking needs, you can call us at 319-854-6104 during normal business hours to work with a customer service representative. 
  • Visit the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for updates regarding COVID-19 and tips on keeping yourself and others safe

Rest assured, the safety of our staff and customers will remain our top priority. 

Be Aware of COVID-19 Scams:

Whenever something new comes up, scammers will take advantage of the situation to try to steal your identity and trick you out of your money. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic is no different.

First and Foremost

NEVER give out your personal or financial information to someone who calls you! The Exchange State Bank will never call you and ask for your account number, PIN, credit or debit card number or any other personal or financial information.

Even if the call comes from a phone number you recognize, do not give out your information! To execute their phishing schemes, fraudsters sometimes use a technique called spoofing, which makes their phone calls look like they're coming from a local number or a number you might trust.

If for some reason you think that MAYBE the call is legit, err on the side of caution. Don't give out any information. Hang up. Use a browser to find the company's phone number on their website and contact them using that number. The same applies for odd and unexpected emails and texts! (The CDC doesn't need your Social Security number!)

New Tactics

We want to make you aware of a few of the angles that scammers are taking during the Coronavirus pandemic. They may try to take advantage of your fear of becoming ill by:

  • Trying to sell you access to a COVID-19 cure or a vaccine
  • Claiming to have a "health kit" for you from the CDC or Medicare
  • Setting up fake online stores that offer cleaning, household, and health and medical supplies. (Not only do you give up your credit card and personal information, but the ordered supplies never arrive.)

They may also try to take advantage of your generous nature, and your very human instinct to want to help people in need. As always after a natural disaster or other type of crisis hits, you'll find scammers calling, emailing or sending texts asking you to donate to their (fake) charities. Be on the lookout for scam solicitations that supposedly support clinical studies, hospitals, doctors or victims affected by COVID-19.

The bad guys are still working some of their old standbys, also, including offering to refinance your home, forgive student debt, lower your interest rate and consolidate your loans. (With so many more people facing financial insecurity right now, these scams are popping up all over and finding new potential targets!)

We are here to help you through these challenging times. As always, contact us for any of your financial needs.


The Exchange State Bank

Pandemic Response Team

Member FDIC