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Serving Springville and Martelle since 1878.

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Home Business

Deposit Accounts, Commercial Loans and More Financial Tools

You have financial goals that are unique to you, and The Exchange State Bank is here to help you achieve them. Financial management is easy with The Exchange State Bank’s business banking services. The staff at The Exchange State Bank can help you get set up with business banking services that are appropriate for your goals and work with you every step of the way to help you achieve them. Each one of our services or products helps with a certain aspect of your financial life:

  • Deposit Accountsyour checking and savings accounts are the foundation of your business finances. Organize your funds and save for future expenses with The Exchange State Bank’s numerous checking and savings account options.

  • Commercial Loans: there are times when additional funding is required for your business needs. The Exchange State Bank’s business loans can be tailored to your exact needs.

  • Debit Cardsadd convenience into your financial life with the ability to make deposits quickly and easily at any depository ATM.

  • Credit Cards:  when used responsibly, credit cards can be a great financial tool. With online account access, credit cards from The Exchange State Bank can add further simplicity to your business finances.

Comprehensive Services

In addition to quality business banking products, The Exchange State Bank also offers Notary Services to customers. 

With The Exchange State Bank’s Notary Services, you can have all official documents needing a notary’s approval signed. These services are free for Exchange State Bank account holders, with a fee being charged for non-account holders. In order to have documents properly notarized, the Secretary of the State of Iowa requires signers:

  • To have the document filled out completely and accurately

  • To appear personally before the notary

  • To provide sufficient identification to the notary

  • To sign the document in the presence of the notary

Get on the Path to Business Financial Success Today

To learn more about business banking services from The Exchange State Bank or open an account, come by any of the two Exchange State Bank locations today!