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Serving Springville and Martelle since 1878.

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Wire Transfers

Home Services Wire Transfers

The Exchange State Bank Wiring Instructions


How to receive a domestic wire transfer:

To receive a domestic wire transfer, please provide the following information to the business or individual sending the wire:

Wire To: Bankers Bank Routing #075912479
For Further Credit To: The Exchange State Bank Account #073909031
Beneficiary or Final Credit To: Your Name accompanied by Checking, Savings or Loan Number

Be aware that scammers may attempt to send you funds via fraudulent wire transfer. Never give your wiring information to someone you do not know.  

How to send a domestic wire transfer:

The first step is to get wiring instructions from the person or business you are wiring money to. Note that most people assume their wiring information is just the financial institutions's routing number and their own account number. Often times this is not accurate. Many financial institutions have a specific set of wiring instructions that must be followed to ensure the wire is posted properly. If the person/company sending you the wire is not familiar with their financial institutions wiring instructions, they should contact them to ensure they provide you with accurate information. Be sure to get the receiving financial institution’s name, address and routing number. You’ll also need the full name of the person or business who is receiving the wired funds along with their account number, phone number and address.

Once you have this information, stop in to the branch nearest to you to speak with a personal banker to assist you with your request.


*Note: Incoming and Outgoing Wire Transfer Fees and cut-off times may apply. Contact Us for more information regarding these fees and cut-off times.